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Stephanie Jeter

Stephanie Jeter is the senior producer at Cinema Libertad. Her professional background includes feature film, television and commercial work with companies such as Showtime, Warner Brothers, Adidas, and BET. She is also a writer and director with a body of work including feature film, award-winning short film, and a theatrical play. Stephanie is a graduate of DePaul University where she studied Digital Cinema.

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Olivia Curry

Olivia Curry is an associate producer at Cinema Libertad. She also makes things, including a 2013 short doc project funded by Chicago Filmmakers called the Chicago Glove Project. She is a graduate of Northwestern University's Radio/TV/Film program.

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Max Gold

Max Gold has an unrivaled editorial lyricism that at the same time is effortless and incredibly complex. He’s a master storyteller and experimentalist, and possesses the wit to handle any kind of comedic editorial. He lives in Denver with his wife and dogs and is available for travel.

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Dianne Lee

Dianne Lee is an editor that loves bringing the story together in post. She enjoys the marriage of creativity and problem-solving and brings enthusiasm and energy to every project.

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Laura Madalinski

Laura Madalinski is a writer/director/editor that has edited multiple feature films and is currently in preproduction for her first film. She’s a master of visual storytelling and can make any story riveting.

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Ida Musoni

Ida Musoni is the Cinema Libertad rep. She gets the enjoyable task of sharing Cinema Libertad's capabilities with the world. If you are interested in having Cinema Libertad be a part of your next production, reach out to

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Robert Stockwell

Robert Stockwell is a director and the owner of Cinema Libertad. His first feature film, Burnt in Memory was screened at the Chicago Underground Film Festival, the second feature is in post, and the third is in pre-production. He is the founder of the Palace Film Festival, which features films from a range of artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Robert always believes in a good idea; it all stems from there.

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Jake Zalutsky

Jake Zalutsky is an award winning cinematographer and documentary film director. His work is rooted in the capture of honest and authentic moments. His first short film "Nick Santore" premiered at Chicago International Film Festival and was a Vimeo Staff pick.